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Where Can I Buy An Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure?

In North America

You can SHOP direct on this site.
If you need assistance about our products,

call us at 1-888-414-5919 or email
us at

Apollo Enclosures are also sold on 

the following online retailers or through

AV Professionals

Outside North America

Contact Digi Screens Limited to buy Apollo in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands  

Contact Digi Screens Middle Eastern Trading Company LLC to buy Apollo in the MENA

Do Apollo Enclosures Require Assembly?

There is minimal assembly required for easy installation of your TV in our enclosure.  We have designed it to be simple enough for a novice handyman.
Watch our installation video. or go to Product Support to download an installation manual for your specific model type.

Downloadable PDFs

Elite Line-Direct Sun
Specification Brochure

Technical Drawing Specifications

Installation Guide for Apollo Elite and Elite-Direct Sun Models - 43" to 86"

PRO-X Line-Digital Signage  Specification Brochure

Apollo Weatherproof Mounts Specification Brochure

Apollo Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

The enclosure has an internal 3-outlet power bank that powers the fans, the TV, and one auxiliary plug for media accessories; such as firesticks and Apple TV.  The 9' outdoor-rated power cord will provide a safe outdoor installation to a GFI receptacle with an outdoor-rated "in-use" cover plate.

There is a one (1) year in-factory Limited Warranty on the enclosure from the date of purchase.  Please review the Limited Warranty policy for details.

Apollo enclosures have a 30-day money back return policy for unopened and uninstalled products from the date of purchase, less shipping charges and possible restock fees.  Please review the Return Policy for details 

Cleaning the Screen

For optimal TV viewing, be sure to keep the glass screen of the enclosure clean.

For dust and smudges on the screen, we recommend using a microfiber or cotton cloth and a 70/30 isopropyl alcohol mix (these are widely available at drug stores).

Cleaning the Enclosure's Housing

The enclosure housing can be cleaned with a soft soapy cloth and warm water to wipe dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc.  Rinse cloth frequently to avoid scratching the powder coated aluminum from dirt grit.  Do not use the same cloth to clean the glass.   We always recommend the purchase of a custom fit dust cover (optional accessory) to protect the beauty of your enclosure for years to come

Removing ice and snow

​If you are removing ice and snow from the Enclosure, be sure to use a soft brush and avoid using sharp objects to scrap
off the ice and snow.

If Apollo enclosures Are All Weather Why Do You Recommend An Optional
Dust Cover?

You would want a dust cover for your enclosure for the same reason you would want a dust cover for you
barbecue or outdoor furniture, to protect the enclosure from accumulating dust and dirt and from flying debris in wind storms. 
It will also maintain the aesthetic beauty of your enclosure for years to come.

​​I'll Be Leaving My TV Outside, How do I Prevent Theft?

In addition to securing your outdoor living space from intruders, you can add our optional anti theft accessory. This way, the TV and enclosure cannot be moved unless you unlock the device. (SK100-WM)

"Black spots on the TV are typically caused by the direct sun hitting the LCD and overheating the LCD surface temperature causing the liquid crystal to cease responding to electrical signals. Thankfully, this is not a permanent condition. Once the temperature of the liquid crystal goes below this threshold the display returns to normal operation.

 (See Isotropic Behavior statement for more details)  

What TVs should I avoid using in my enclosure?


  • LG's OLED TV's are sensitive to UV rays, even in an enclosure.

  • Any TV with an especially glossy screen 

  • We recommend the brightest TV choices for best viewing in outdoor ambient light.  A TV under 700 NITS for partial sun installations, and under 1000 NITs for a direct sun TV install (What are NITs) To source TVs with good peak brightness levels, check out

  • TVs that do not fit the enclosures

Apollo enclosures are designed to give you a choice over what technology you use in your outdoor entertainment center.  If you already have a TV, or if you are ready to purchase a TV, check the Enclosure specifications for the maximum TV sizes to make sure you have the proper fit.  Most TVs work well with an Apollo Enclosure.

Most wireless such as Apple TV boxes or Firesticks, will fit inside the enclosure along with the TV. 

If your TV has a digital or analog audio out, you can easily access those ports from your TV and pass the audio cable through the enclosures’ weatherproof cable cover to your external weatherproof speakers.

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