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About Apollo Enclosures


From the experts in Video Technology Innovation 

Larry, a very successful designer,  innovator, and entrepreneur for over 35 years in the

video products manufacturing industry, brought  Lynn on board back in the late 1980’s. 


Lynn worked for Larry's MPO Videotronics Corporation for 18 years before being promoted to VP of Sales for SunBriteTV division, the manufacturer of the very “First”  outdoor TV which hit

the market in 2004.

Building on prior success

The sale of SunBriteTV in 2010 and the knowledge of the market potential for outdoor TV encouraged Lynn to reach out to Larry to join her in building a product that would provide every benefit of dedicated outdoor TV at 50% of the cost.
Apollo Enclosures was born.

Lynn Stearn

Lynn Stearn, CoFounder

Larry Kaiser

Man smiling


All the features of outdoor
TV and more

Larry’s years of outdoor product design and engineering expertise would result in an enclosure design that customers could be proud to install in their homes and business, but mostly it would be safer than installing indoor TV’s outdoors and far more affordable.

On the pulse of AV consumer

Lynn had decades of expertise in sales and marketing to reach and promote our products  to an audience who could appreciate the value and savings of a more stylish enclosure.

Together they launched a product line that allowed the use

of cost-effective smart technology TVs to be placed inside a stylish, sleek, and durable weatherproof enclosure
offering the value-based 
alternative for viewing TV outdoors.


An award winning company

Today, they have earned the accolades of the

video technology industry with years of multiple product awards for an expanded

line up of beautiful enclosures that

range from 43" to 98"

Innovation and Style

Our culture of innovation and style mentality
along with our combined passion and purpose keep us in the forefront of making sure we have the best product of choice for
many customers who continue to enjoy
life outdoors.

In backyards and businesses across the World

Apollo has been sold in thousands of residential and commercial installations around the globe, as well as enclosures for digital signage projects in landscape and
portrait orientations.

If you like to know more about us, what we make, and how to use our products, check out our blog

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