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Reducing Cost and Maximizing Adaptability

Note: This post is part of a series of posts on outdoor TV installation. click here to see the entire guide.

Your Options for Outdoor TV Viewing

For safe, weatherized, anti-reflective outdoor TV viewing, two primary options exist. Purpose built outdoor TVs or an outdoor TV enclosure and a smart TV of your choice (both brand and technology). In either case, you get the environmental protection you need for installing TV outdoors, but your pocket is so much happier when you pick the TV and see a savings of anywhere from 20-60% depending on what TV technology you opt for.  

Why Does Outdoor TV Cost More than Indoor TV?

There’s no getting around it, outdoor TV does cost more than indoor TV. The home is essentially a giant TV enclosure and that is why indoor TVs cost so much less. They don’t need extra protection from environmental hazards like humidity, dust, pollen, insects, extreme heat, and extreme cold due to the fact the the home's walls, roofs, windows, doors, screens, and HVAC systems create a hospitable environment for an indoor TV. This allows indoor TV manufacturers to focus on the TV's core functions such as quality picture and sound and not have to worry about the TV's durability in the face of the sort of challenges presented in an outdoor environment. As a result, indoor TVs are fairly inexpensive.

Whether you go with a purpose-built TV or an enclosure, you will need to provide your outdoor TV installation with one form of protect or another if that TV is to last in an outdoor environment.

(you may be asking if you can simply place your indoor TV outdoors, this post addresses that question in detail.)

Reduce Costs by Staying Ahead of Obsolescence

Home AV enthusiasts know that with advancements in technology changing as quickly as the speed of light, the new products we just purchased seem to change almost the moment we get them.  Apollo carefully tracks trends in the outdoor TV industry and develops products and solutions that help the customer purchase an enclosure that will last for long periods, and still provides easier TV upgrades when the need arises.

While an Apollo Enclosure PLUS a TV, of your choice, adds up to less than a comparable purpose-built outdoor TV, the savings will only increase over time for one simple reason. An indoor TV plus an enclosure lets you keep the expensive protective elements of an enclosure while allowing you to easily swap out the TV inside of the enclosure. With every swap, you will save more and more money.

Obsolescence is inevitable, so why not leave your options open? Purpose-built outdoor TVs do not allow for technology upgrades without buying a whole new TV plus a whole new protective element which we know is now more costly than the new TV itself. 

At Apollo Enclosures, we strive to deliver award winning outdoor TV enclosures along with cost-effective and obsolescence-proof outdoor TV viewing solutions. Make the most of your time outdoors and use the money you save on other fun things.

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