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Can I Just Put My Indoor TV Outside?

  1. Powder coated aluminum housing for durability and style

  2. Anti-reflective safety glass to reduce glare and enhance contrast

  3. Tight seal technology seals your TV against rain, dust and insect

  4. Thermostatically controlled airflow system protect the TV in temperatures up to 122 degrees

  5. Down facing sound ports transfer TV speaker audio effectively

  6. Watertight cable cover protects cable connections to TV inputs and outputs

  7. 9’ outdoor rated power cord for safe outdoor installation

  8. EZ mount internal TV swing brackets simply installation and easy cable management. Most of these features are not needed for a TV that you place in the safe, shaded, climate controlled setting that is your living room, family room, or bedroom. But when a TV sits in your backyard, patio or other outdoor areas, these features are essential if you want a safe, enjoyable outdoor TV installation and experience that will last you for years to come. Outdoor TV is worth the investment. It costs more to enjoy TV in your backyard than it will to enjoy it in your living room. What we, at Apollo Enclosures, want for you is to provide the best combination of quality, value, reliability, safety and versatility on the market. If you like to learn more about outdoor TV and our products, please take a look at our FAQ Page and no matter who you choose for your outdoor TV solutions, we hope you have a safe and memorable experience!

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