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Apollo at the Westdrift

A 55” direct-sun enclosure holding a 50“ Samsung, with modesty bezels.

Apollo Enclosures provides high-quality, cost-effective, and versatile outdoor TV solutions to a variety of businesses. One such business is hotels.

The Westdrift Hotel in Manhattan Beach’s director of engineering Cesar Encarnacion used a 55” direct sun enclosure to house a 50” Samsung TV.

The TV, held snuggly in place with the black modesty bezels, will be protected from the salty ocean air. This direct sun model allows for the picture quality and clarity to remain high even in direct sunlight, a common “problem” near the beaches of Southern California.

About Apollo Enclosures

Apollo’s environmental TV enclosures are designed for installation in consumer (patio, backyard) or commercial (stadiums, arenas, restaurants, hotels, theme parks) applications. All models are available through Apollo’s network of Authorized Resellers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Reseller, contact Apollo Enclosures at 888-414-5919, or inquire via email at

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