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Make Any TV Your Outdoor TV: A Guide

Updated: Jan 29

Do you love your backyard? Is your deck or patio or gazebo or pool or grill your favorite part of the house? Whether you have turned your backyard into your personal oasis or are looking to make future upgrades, your outdoor spaces can become even better with outdoor TV.

Whether you are hosting parties or just relaxing, having a weatherized, glare-resistant, smart, HDTV at the ready will elevate your experience. With outdoor TV, you can enjoy a family movie night under the stars, never miss a minute of the big game while you grill and watch your favorite shows while dining al fresco. Not only that, with today’s smart TVs, you can use your favorite apps outdoors. Share vacation pictures with guests on an 86” screen. Binge your favorite shows or play your favorite games without being stuck inside all day. Play music to set the right mood for your next get together. And if you must, host a zoom meeting in flattering natural light.

All of this sounds great, why not just buy a regular TV and stick it outside? The answer is that outdoor TV, while an absolute joy to own, does present some challenges and considerations that do not affect indoor TVs. In this series, we’ll show you what to look for and how to set up an outdoor TV that will address these issues and leave you with the best TV viewing experience that you have ever had. So come along and very soon, you will be enjoying your outdoor space like never before!Further Reading: For information on placing your TV, click here. For information on mounting your TV, click here. For information on outdoor TV safety and security, click here. For information about reducing outdoor TV costs, click here. For information about Partial and Full Sun Installations, click here.

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