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New 75” Outdoor TV Enclosure

Upon Industry Demand, Apollo Switches Up Production schedule to Produce New 75” All-Weather Outdoor TV EnclosureMOORPARK, CA, December 9, 2016—It was announced today that Apollo Enclosures will introduce their largest all-weather outdoor TV to date. Model AE7570 is a sleek and elegant 75-inch all-weather outdoor enclosure that transforms the customer’s 70- to 75-inch slimline TVs into an ultimate all-weather outdoor TV solution. The new model will be available late December 2016, with an MSRP of $2,095. This product will begin shipping in January 2017. “When we introduced our 85-inch concept in September, our dealer and distributor network came back to us with an overwhelming demand for a 75” enclosure,” says Lynn Stearn, president of Apollo Enclosures. “Upon further research, we acknowledged and understood the financial benefits of the 75” class, and, therefore, revised our production schedule to produce our new Model AE7570 as soon as possible!  With the low cost of 75” TVs in the market, customers can now have a beautiful outdoor TV solution for as low as $4,195!” Model AE7570 is engineered with the company’s proprietary all-weather outdoor feature set that includes a sleek and durable lightweight powder coated aluminum construction with anti-reflective safety glass that further protects the customers’ TV and improves contrast while significantly reducing ambient reflection. Apollo’s TightSealTM technology securely seals the enclosure and protects the TV from rain, snow, dust, and insects; and, the cable connections to the TV inputs and outputs are shielded with a water-tight cable cover. The temperature within the enclosure is controlled with a triple-fan, filtered air-flow system that safeguards the TV in temperatures of -4 degrees (-20 degrees C) to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C). The 9-foot outdoor rated power cord provides the necessary safety for power in the outdoor environment. This model provides three internal outlets; one for the air flow system, one for the TV and one auxiliary for other small electronics accessories. A one-foot extension power cable is included to accommodate internal connection of power packs or right-angle plugs. Available accessories include a thermostatically controlled heater module for areas of high humidity or where temperatures dip below 0°F. A custom fit dust cover to protect the enclosure from dust in between viewing.  Modesty slat trim kits are also available for framing smaller size TVs in the enclosures. Three designer colors upgrades are also available with a choice of Silver, Metallic Sandstone, and White. Also available are Apollo’s line of all-weather mounts, including a Non-Articulating Wall Mounts, Adjustable Height Ceiling Mounts, and Single- or Dual-Arm Articulating Wall Mounts; all with stainless steel hardware. “The AE7570 includes the newest of Apollo’s abundant array of features with the unique E-Z Mount hinging interior TV brackets that allow for simplified TV installation, easy access for TV cable changes, and convenient cable management.

About Apollo Enclosures Apollo’s environmental TV enclosures are designed for installation in consumer (patio, backyard) or commercial (stadiums, arenas, restaurants, hotels, theme parks) applications. All models are available through Apollo’s network of Authorized Resellers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Reseller, contact Apollo Enclosures at 888-414-5919, or visit the Reseller Inquiry page at

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