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Enhance Your Guest Outdoor Experience

Cabanas, Outdoor Bars, and Patios - Apollo Enclosures Enhance Your Guest Outdoor Experience MOORPARK, CA. August 25, 2015 – Hotels and Resorts are always striving to raise the bar at their facilities by creating an outdoor experience that enhances the comfort and lifestyle of travelers.  The outdoor video is the final frontier of outdoor entertainment and Apollo has mastered the outdoor TV viewing experience by designing a contemporary enclosure that conforms to the class and aesthetics new or renovated hotel construction can embrace.  With an advanced outdoor technology feature set and a slim, sleek design, Apollo illustrated how the enclosure can disappear behind its role to safely protect thin LED TV’s and enhance the viewing experience outdoors ultimately eliminating the “big bulky box or plastic container” reputation frequently associated with enclosures. As TV’s and super bright digital displays become slimmer, bigger and more affordable, it’s obvious the availability of an enclosure to house them was needed.  Apollo heeded that call by releasing a new, larger size that will fit a 60-65” slim LED TV or display, rounding their line out to three popular sizes that now fit from 39” to 65” LED TVs. “Hotels place a high value on offering their guests the best, most exclusive experience possible.  Upgrades to the outdoor experience with video, fire pits, and super comfy furniture accomplishes those goals” said Lynn Stearn, President, and Founder. “We responded to their requests and strive to give hotels and resorts the best possible choice of sizes to meet the demands of their clients and budgets.

Performance – Entertainment or Information Whether it’s viewing TV on a patio or utilizing the enclosure with a high bright digital display for signage or viewing in direct sun environments, the Apollo enclosure has proven it can easily cross the lines into multitasking uses.  “The paired solution of our enclosure and either TV or Digital Display technology screens opens a huge market for cost savings compared to the alternatives,” said Lynn Stearn.  “In many instances, projects can save from 40% - 50% less and that is certainly something to consider.” Our enclosures are designed combining a powder coated aluminum body with anti-reflective safety glass that protects the customers LED/LCD TV and improves contrast while significantly reducing ambient reflection. Tight-seal technology securely seals and protects the customers LED/LCD TV from rain, snow, dirt, insects and other outdoor elements. The down-firing sound ports, sported at the base of the enclosure, effectively maximize the audio capabilities of the TV.  The 9’ outdoor rated power cord provides the necessary safety for power in the outdoor environment and the included 3’ high-speed HDMI cable and coupler provide a convenient patch cable to for easy connection when attaching to the mount, where cables are ready to connect.  The water-tight cable cover secures the proper seal against all cables. The weatherproof mounting solutions provide a low profile fit with the articulating mount options delivering a panoramic viewing experience from almost anywhere. The sleek, tapering profile of 4.7” (65”), 4.9” (50”) and 5.4” (42”) in depth embodies the visual effect of modern refinement in the outdoor enclosure industry. The interior design of the Apollo enclosure is an expression of simplicity.  An efficiency of internal climate control in the filtered, thermostatically controlled air circulation fan that keeps the housing cool in temperatures up to 122 °F combined with a 3-outlet internal power bank for TV, fan control, and optional accessories. Selectable TV mounting points allow for the proper positioning of included mounting brackets adapting to the varying VESA patterns of TVs to command solid placement inside the cabinet. A finishing touch includes trim-elements to frame the smaller TVs for each enclosure. Apollo recognizes the importance of efficiency and made a decisive contribution to the installation experience. A 4-step process – 1) Attach your TV to the Apollo rear panel,   2) Install the mount (to wall or ceiling); 3) attach the rear panel with the mounted TV to the mount and 4) slip on the front cover and secure the close with 2 screws – Done! Available accessories include a thermostatically controlled heater module for areas of high humidity or where temperatures dip below 0°F, modesty frames for framing in the smaller size TV’s in the enclosures and dust covers to preserve the aesthetics of your enclosure for years.

About Apollo Enclosures Apollo’s environmental TV enclosures are designed for installation in consumer (patio, backyard) or commercial (stadiums, arenas, restaurants, hotels, theme parks) applications. All models are available through Apollo’s network of Authorized Resellers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Reseller, contact Apollo Enclosures at 888-414-5919, or visit the Reseller Inquiry page at [/

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