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Dare to Compare

Are you always saying Maybe next year...? You can upgrade your outdoor living space with a home entertainment solution right NOW!

DARE TO COMPARE Say NO to expensive Outdoor TV's that don't even have Smart TV Technology.  Why not invest in an Apollo Environmental Enclosure, combine it with a Smart TV of your choice and never worry about obsolescence again.  The solution is a smart choice and the savings are staggering! Apollo realized that TV technology is rolling out faster than years gone by.  You deserve the best!  Make the right choice that combines excellence in environmental protection without sacrifice of the latest in TV technology today and have the ability to upgrade as new TV technologies emerge in the future.

  1. You future-proof your commitment to outdoor entertaining.

  2. You choose the brand of TV from your preferred retailer.

  3. You control your costs. Get a great deal on a TV. Fantastic.

  4. Surround your TV with an Apollo to experience amazing outdoor living.

Savings Passed On To You Designing an enclosure with the style, aesthetics and, technology for outdoor TV viewing removed the proprietary manufacturing costs of an all-in-one outdoor TV. Simply stated, we separated the enclosure technology from TV technology.

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