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Apollo Enclosures Introduces Elite Line “Direct Sun” Models for Installations Using Consumer and ...

MOORPARK, CA, July 1, 2021. Apollo, the innovator, and leader of the all-weather outdoor TV enclosure technology, announces a Direct Sun model in their Elite Line up of enclosures. “We’ve expanded the line for the most popular models, 43”, 55”, 65” and 75” enclosures, to provide protective technology to address direct sun installations using consumer and commercial LED/LCD TVs in residential or commercial projects” says Lynn Stearn, President of Apollo Enclosures.

These Direct Sun models add the needed thermostatically controlled air flow in the front cover, between the glass and the TV, to move the air consistently across the LCDscreen. The additional enhancement to our Elite Direct Sun enclosures is the IR Film laminated to the inside of the AR safety glass, which incorporates an IR nano-particle coating that maximizes optical clarity

Large balcony, TV and TV enclosure in middle ground. Trees in background.

while building a comprehensive shield of protection from heat and harmful UV and IR rays. These combined technologiessubstantially inhibit solar loading on the LCD screen. Without these features, LED/LCD TVs will exhibit isotropic behavior (going black) and in severe cases, damage to the TV itself

These Apollo enclosures combined with a beautiful bright brand named, smart LCD/LED TV provide a significant savings over any alternative direct full sun applications, including dedicated outdoor TV models specifically sold for this purpose. Most dedicated outdoor TV models are not designed for direct sun installations based on their manufactures’ specifications.

The MSRP for the DS models are as follows: 43-inch model AE4239-DS is $1250; $55-inch model AE5550-DS is $1,535; 65-inch model AE6560-DS is $1,850; 75-inch model AE7570-DS is $2,495.  

Apollo’s line of enclosures is designed and built for permanent outdoor residential and commercial installations. Features include:• The powder-coated aluminum exterior protects the internal TV from rain, dirt, insects, and other outdoor elements. • Anti-reflective safety glass reduces glare and enhances contrast.• The enclosures are designed with a filtered thermostatically controlled airflow system that keeps the TVs cool in temperatures up to 122ºdegrees F. • E-Z mount interior TV swing brackets simplify the TV installation and easy access for cable management.• Apollo’s innovative watertight cable entry system and cable pass-through design ensures quick and easy connection to your TV inputs and outputs.• Down-facing sound ports transfer TV speaker audio effectively to maximize audio performance.• 9’ outdoor rates power cable for safe outdoor installation

For optimum viewing, Apollo offers a line of weatherproof mounts: Dual arm articulating wall mounts, non-articulating wall mount with tile and an adjustable height ceiling mount (28.44 – 48”).

About Apollo Enclosures

Apollo’s environmental TV enclosures are designed for installation in consumer (patio, backyard) or commercial (stadiums, arenas, restaurants, hotels, theme parks) applications. All models are available through Apollo’s network of Authorized Resellers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Reseller, contact Apollo Enclosures at 888-414-5919, or inquire via email at

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