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Large stone house. Large Tv on wall. Golfer on the TV.

Make Any TV Your Outdoor TV

Our Weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosures Protect Your Favorite TVs From the Elements.

Outdoor restaurant with TVs on the walls.
TV in front lawn, near a brick firepit.
Outdoor stone fireplace. TV on the stones. Football action is on the TV.
Outdoor conversation pit. a TV hangs above the pit with a vista of the ocean behind.

Transform Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis with an Apollo TV Enclosure!

TV on stone wall in backyard

An outdoor oasis transformation is easier than you think with TV enclosures. Not only do they protect your TV from the elements, but they also add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. With a variety of sizes available, you can find the perfect TV enclosure to fit your needs and budget. Let's get started on creating your dream outdoor entertainment area today!

Huge Savings with an Apollo Enclosure and the Smart TV of your choice


Save money on outdoor entertainment with Apollo TV enclosures when compared to dedicated outdoor TVs.  The Apollo solution provides considerably lower acquisition costs and significantly less repair/replacement expenses.

Never worry about obsolescence again

TV hanging above backyard by a lake

Obsolescence is inevitable, so why not leave your options open to upgrade, if you want, or simply know you have the best solution of your Choice for a whole lot less.  The purchase of an outdoor
TV does not allow for technology upgrade without a whole new outdoor TV and the same very high cost, or more, than
the first time!

Protect your indoor TV outdoors with Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosures

TV on a brick wall. In front of the brick wall are banana trees and in front of that is an inground pool. The sun is setting.

Keep in mind that indoor TVs are not designed to withstand the elements. However, with an Apollo outdoor TV enclosure, you can protect your TV from rain, dust, and extreme temperatures. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies outdoors with peace of mind.

"Affordable Luxury with All The Features of the best Outdoor TVs and More…"

Create Your Outdoor Home Theater With Apollo in Three Easy Steps

Pick Your Favorite TV Brand, Size, and Technology

Outdoor breakfast nook with TV

Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosures protect TVs from the elements. Our enclosures are compatible with most brands and come
in six sizes, from 39" to 98".
You pick the TV, we protect it.

Protect your TV with an
Apollo Enclosure

White stone outdoor fire place with TV

"Indoor TVs are vulnerable to damage from harsh weather conditions, moisture, dust, and insects. Our Enclosures are designed to provide a reliable solution to these threats, ensuring your TV stays safe and secure."

Your Yard Is Now Your New Entertainment Center

TV mounted above an outdoor fireplace by the beach.

"Designed for both style and durability, our award-winning line of TV enclosures offers the perfect solution for partial sun and full sun installations enhancing your outdoor entertainment experience."

Ok, There's a little more to it than that. Our Apollo Outdoor TV Installation Guide has you covered.

Features Overview

Built for Durability, Style, and Versatility

Available in Six Sizes,

43 - 98"

Compatible with

most TVs

Made From High Quality Powder Coated Aluminum

Built for the Elements-rain, insects, dust

Weatherproof - IP55 equivalent

Protect TVs up to 122 degrees F

Equipped With Anti-Glare Tempered Glass

Certified to UL/CSA safety standards

A One Year In-factory Parts & Labor  Warranty 

Internal 3-outlet power bank with 9' outdoor-rated power cord for safe outdoor installation

Down-facing Sound Ports maximize TV audio from back and down-firing speakers

TV mounted on outdoor brick wall at the beach.

Our Product Lines

Elite Line

Our Flagship Elite Line.

These rugged and stylish enclosures come in six sizes

and protect TVs ranging from 39" up to 98"

Elite Line-Direct Sun

The Elite Line-DS Enhanced for
Direct Sun Installations

All the attributes of our Elite Line with added features of

IR Film and Crossflow fans in the front cover to

further protect your  TV in direct sun.

Weatherproof TV Mounts

Weatherproof for the Outdoors

Durable and designed for outdoor installation with zinc-plated UV powder-painted steel construction, and stainless-steel hardware.

Apollo Accessories