Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase an Apollo Enclosure? 
If you are looking for an affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and effective solution for your outdoor viewing, then you should purchase an Apollo Enclosure. We designed our enclosures to enhance the outdoor TV viewing experience with a slim, sleek, and well-constructed enclosure that brings value and aesthetic appeal to any outdoor setting. 
What size TVs fit the Apollo Enclosure? Apollo enclosures were designed for the new slim line of LED/LCD TV’s on the market. If you already have a TV, or if you are getting ready to purchase a TV, check the TV sizes make sure you have a proper fit.
Model AE7570 accommodates 70" to 75" LED/LCD TVs. The maximum size TV that fits this model is 66.5" W X 38.3" H X 2.7" D
Model AE6560 accommodates 60" to 65" LED/LCD TVs. The maximum size TV that fits this model is 58”W x 34”H x 2.5”D*

Model AE5550 accommodates 50" to 55" LED/LCD TVs. The maximum size TV that fits this mode is 49"W X 29"H X 2.7"D*
Model AE5046 accommodates 46” to 50” LED/LCD TVs. The maximum size TV that fits this model is 45” W x 26.5” H x 2.5”D*
Model AE4239 accommodates 39” to 42” LED/LCD TVs. The maximum size TV that fits this model is 38” W x 23” H x 3” D*
* Be sure the deepest part of the TV is included in your TV dimensions.
Does the Apollo Enclosure require assembly?
There is minimal assembly required for easy installation of your TV in our enclosure. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. See Installation Video on our home and support website pages as well as the installation Guide.
What is the environmental temperature range for a TV inside the Apollo Enclosure? 
Temperature range for our enclosures is -4° F to 122°F. In colder climate areas or high humidity locations, you will want to consider the optional heater module (partHM001#), that protects your TV from condensation in high humidity environments or from extreme cold temperatures below -4°F to -40° F.
Is there a charge for designer color options?
The Apollo Enclosures come standard in Black (BL). There is a $75 surcharge for the designer color options of Silver (SL), Metallic Sandstone (SS) and White (WH). Be sure to allow additional time for custom colors (approx. 3 weeks lead time)
How well can I see my TV in daylight?
Apollo Enclosures have an Anti-Reflective protective glass to reduce glare and improve viewing quality. However, any TV viewed outdoors in the daytime in direct sunlight will not be as vivid as watching TV indoors.  Therefore, for best viewing during the day, installation in a shaded area will be recommended. Research high bright, high temperature display (such as LG LS75A line) if you plan on installing your TV in a more direct sun environment.
Where is the best location to install my TV for optimum viewing?
We recommend that your TV be installed in a location that is best suited for your viewing comfort. For most, that would be under an overhang or in a shaded area, and not in direct sunlight. For best viewing, your TV should be facing away from the sun. Research high bright, high temperature display (such as LG LS75A line) if you plan on installing your TV in a more direct sun environment.
How often does the filter need to be checked in the exhaust airflow fan system?
Filters should be checked once a year. If the color is gray or brown, the filter can be easily removed and cleaned with warm soapy water.  Once dry, it is ready to be seated back in the enclosure.  Filters are also available for purchase if desired. Note: In high dust and dirt areas, we recommend the filters be checked more often.
How do I clean the Enclosure?
You can easily clean the housing with a wet cloth and warm water.  The Anti-reflective glass should be cleaned with any non-ammonia cleaner.  Spray the cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe the glass.
How do I get TV signal to my outdoor TV?
If you are not sure how to install the Apollo Enclosure and/or get content to the TV, we recommend that you contact an A/V installer to obtain the best options for delivering content from your indoor cable or satellite boxes to your TV.  They can recommend the best quality cable for best video experience.
How are my cables protected from moisture?All cables are delivered into the rear of the enclosure through a water tight cable pass-through cover that seals the cables from any water or moisture.
If Apollo Enclosures are "all-weather," why would I need an optional dust cover?
You would want a dust cover for your enclosure for the same reasons you would want to have a dust cover for your barbecue or outdoor furniture. That is to protect the enclosure from accumulating dust and dirt and from flying debris in wind storms. It will also maintain the aesthetic beauty of your enclosure for years to come.
Can I use external audio sources?

If your TV has a digital or analog audio out, you can easily access those ports from your TV and pass the audio cable through the enclosure’s weatherproof cable cover to your external speaker

Where can I buy an Apollo Enclosure?
Apollo enclosures are available through various on-line e-tailers and local dealers throughout the United States.  See our “where to buy” link for e-tailers.  If you prefer to purchase a unit locally and have difficulty finding a local AV dealer to install your enclosure, please contact sales@apolloenc.com with your location and we will make every attempt to provide you with authorized dealers in your area.
How can I become an Apollo dealer/reseller?
Please complete the reseller application on line. You will receive approval as a reseller from Apollo once your application is reviewed and verified as a qualified reseller.
What is the Apollo Warranty? 
Apollo Enclosures have a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase, less shipping charges and possible restocking fees.  There is a 1-year Limited Warranty on the enclosure from the date of purchase.
What are return or repair procedures? 
Please review our Repair and Return Policies for information on how to facilitate a repair or return of our product.