Lynn Stearn, President and Founder of Apollo Enclosures, has changed the game by producing affordable and attractive outdoor LED/LCD TV enclosures that offer superior protection against rain, dust, insects and extreme temperatures. These enclosures are packaged with a sleek and modern powder-coated aluminum cabinet with anti-reflective glass and weatherproof mounting choices, creating an all-in-one solution. Just add a slim-line TV to instantly deliver TV entertainment to virtually any outdoor setting.


The inspiration for Apollo Enclosures evolved throughout the 10 years Lynn Stearn served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SunBriteTV®, the first all-weather true outdoor television, and as a founding member of its management team. Being on the ground floor of this exciting venture and working first-hand with consumers and dealers, Lynn was able to be a guiding influence for the future engineering advancements that kept the line of products at the forefront of technology.

Lynn realized that many clients wanted more flexibility when picking an outdoor TV and weren’t willing to spend a significant premium for proprietary outdoor TV’s, which weren’t necessarily based on the most current technology available in the market. With that in mind, Lynn introduced Apollo’s full line of award winning TV enclosures. Now the consumer and professional buyer has the flexibility to select a best in brand TV and make it a safe, outdoor TV, while saving significantly from the cost of dedicated outdoor TV’s currently in the market.  

As the price of indoor LED/LCD TVs dropped significantly, a new trend was developing. Homeowners were taking the unsafe and impractical route of installing their indoor LED/LCD TVs, outside. Lynn knew there had to be a safer way, so she began researching a more affordable solution, without sacrificing quality or the aesthetics that she knew customers expected. No matter what the budget, Apollo Enclosures give the homeowner and professional buyer the flexibility to select the TV best suited for their residential or commercial applications.  

Apollo's Vision is “Mastering the Outdoor TV Viewing Experience from the Inside – Out!”

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